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“I’ve met Emmanuel ZINS in the company of the beautiful Aleska DIAMOND at the Grand Hotel in “Enghein Les Bains » in which Paradise Angels has decided to accommodate her during her stay in France, their headquarters in the outskirts of Paris next tout a superb lake. Today’s winner has received the very first prize of our great game, which consisted of an all paid stay – transport and accommodation included – to meet during our shootings the gorgeous Aleska DIAMOND. Absolutely happy and very proud to be sitting next to the beautiful international porn star, he is smiling and looking at her after she has had a very intense day of filming with Ian SCOTT, and she is also happy to meet her lucky fan. And it is with great pleasure that he is responding to my questions.


Hello Emmanuel, you are the winner of our great contest and Paradise angels is very happy to have you here, may I ask you to present yourself ?

I am Emmanuel, I am 30 years old and I reside in France near the German border.


Since when are you interested in Porn ?

Like everyone I think, I started very young my first films but it took ten years before it turned into a passion for me.


What did you feel by assisting to our the latest great filming of a prestigious label such as paradise angels ?

It’s a great honour for me to discover this young production company of which everyone is talking about. The filming was great! It’s the first time I come to set and I learned many things I did not even suspect. This is a very complex enterprise with many technicians which are necessary to manage and coordinate, I believe Napoleon has done a great job. I think I was very lucky to assist to a very complete shooting in everything from the decorations to the costumes. Bravo for the idea!


You have just seen a scene with Aleska Diamond who is the most recent winner of one of the most prestigious titles of the AVN in Las Vegas, do you realize the extraordinary gift that Paradise Angels has given you ?

It’s the least I can say. Aleska is for me the number one actress even before the AVN. I have many of her films.


How did you find out about Paradise Angels ? And what made you participate in the game ?

I found out about Paradise Angels through to Ophelie on Facebook when the group was created. I joined the group and I was able to talk to Ophelie and Napoleon Carter. As soon as I noticed the game I decided to participate, I was hoping to win at the very least a DVD of their first film: Aristide.

Imagine my surprised when I found out I was the grand prize winner !!


And what did you feel when Aleska gave you Aristide’s jewel ?

It was an extraordinary pleasure…. I was very excited…I couldn’t have dreamt of a better gift than her kindness!


Thank you for your loyalty and for coming to visit us.

I thank you too ! Winning the grand prize allowed me to have unforgettable moments! Meeting Aleska Diamond and Lana Fever together on the set was a little bit like meeting Angels in Paradise …”