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  • 2010/ Budapest Porn Oscar: Best actress  of the year
  • 2011/ AVN Awards Nominee: Female Foreign Performer of the Year
  • 2011: AVN Award – Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production – A Fucking Christmas Dinner — indicada
  • 2011/ Galaxy Awards Nominee: Best Female Performer
  • 2011/ Miss November in Marc Dorcel’s Calendar
  • 2011/ X Stars aux Dorcel Vision Awards Nominee: Best Female Performer
  • 2011/ The Star of Erots
  • 2011/ Figa World Player -Best New Actress
  • 2011/ Nominess Foreign Performer of the Year -Xbiz awards
  • 2012/ Miss November and Miss February in Marc Dorcel’s Calandar
  • 2012/ AVN Awards Winner, Female Foreign Performer of the Year
  • 2012/ Galaxy Awards Nominee: Best Female Performer
  • 2012/  SHAFTA Awards Nominee:Foreign Performer of the year
  • 2012/ Dorcel Vision Awards Nominees: Best International Actress
  • 2012/  Nominess Foreign Performer of the Year -Xbiz awards
  • 2012/ AVN Awards Nominee: Female Foreign Performer of the Year
  • 2012/ AVN Awards Nominee:  Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production
  • 2012/ Orgazmik Awards: Best Female Performer Nominee
  • 2013/ AVN Awards Winner, Female Foreign Performer of the Year


“In the next years I will continue to do my best to give you the maximum performance possible. ”




“Aleska Diamond History”




How did a small-town girl become to be Aleska Diamond?!

A story of how I ended up joining the industry, a view in to my experiences and other people’s opinions.

- No one suspected it…
- The big life…
- The ice breaks…
- Changes
- Work with boys and girls
- I have nothing to be ashamed of… – Hot & Cold
- When dreams become reality

Written by: Aleska Diamond Contributors:

  • -  Zsófi- childhood neighbor and friend

  • -  Lenke- roommate and friend

  • -  Fecó- childhood friend

  • -  Eperke- Schoolmate and friend

  • -  Róbert Már- Stylist

  • -  Norbert Baksa- photographer

  • -  Larissa Dee- porn actress

  • -  Mr. Clark- porn actor

  • -  Barbie White- ex-porn actress

  • -  Sandra shine- porn actress

  • -  Lauro Giotto- porn actor

  • -  Aletta Ocean- porn actress

  • -  Topi- Model agency executive

    No one suspected it…

    My life started out as a pretty simple one. I was an average girl living in an absolutely average small Hungarian town, attending a local school and hanging out with friends…

    My life was actually all good, but average. I hungered for something more and was determined to somehow break out. I decided to move to Budapest to continue my studies at the college of performing arts’ dance faculty. I was accepted to the school. It was a very surreal but strict environment, I was at the college day and night and I was constantly studying and

    „I’ve known Aleska ever since we were young kids. I know her as a very good person. Even though she is far away from town I still think of her a lot, she is truly a good friend.” (Zsófi childhood friend and neighbor)

    „Aleska and I were both studying the at the college of performing arts, she was a good actor back then already as far as I can recall. She is a kind, helpful, has a very loud mouth and is not scared to let people know what she think and feels however at the same time she always has the patience to listen to  what others have to say. She is also a very empathetic person.” ( Fecó, childhood friend)

     „We first met at the performing arts college’s newbie party where all of a sudden I found myself in the grip of her hands – she was already preparing choreography for the two us for the night’s performance. It was fantastic! Even though back then I found her to be quite an intolerable person to be around with, she had a strange nature and I promised myself that I will keep myself far away from her. Well, it didn’t work out after all: P with time we got acquainted with each other. We played and joked around together and ended up living together in the college building. I’ve come to know her as an honest, flexible and brave person! We got to know each other so well, she really was my best friend…she’s almost my sister!” (Eperke, schoolmate and friend)

    „We were roommates with Aleska at the college in Budapest. Aleska is a very whole hearted person…I remember when we lived together that she was never the shy type, she spent a lot of time with her looks. She had her own special face and body beauty packs that she prepared herselfI will never forget how much she loved to dance. She had a beautiful workbook in which she always drawled her most recent choreographies. I loved looking at them.” (Lenke, roommate, friend)

    However the school years ended after 4 years… This is when my life took a great turn. I decided I will not go back to my hometown but rather stay in the capital city, this meaning I will have to make my own living. I started looking for work. I was a waitress, a flyer girl, I sold ice cream, I was a dance teacher and Pilates instructor and the list goes on. However all the time I felt that the energy I put in to my work just doesn’t pay off in the long run. My bills just kept coming and coming. Sometimes I would have reconsider meals for the day just so I could have something left over for tomorrow.



    The big life…

    Just as I was about to start accepting my fate – I received a letter. It was sent by a certain model agency, they were looking for models. I thought what the heck, I’m young, full of energy, and I will go to this casting. I was very nervous; I always wondered what a casting might be like. I was even more surprised when I got there and they told me to undress. I believed I was going to an ordinary model casting and did not really understand why I would need to get naked. The photographer insisted that he is very curious about my body and that he would only make a few photos. I was young and naive. I got undressed, the photos were shot and I went home after.

    „Just as with all my models, I found Aleska on an online community site. She caught my attention and after a few e-mails we met in person at a casting! I am in search of girls of the simpler sort, kind and natural, the ones who are not over head and heels about themselves. I usually search for girls between the ages of 18-22 on online sites, on the streets and at clubs. This is how I met Aleska too.



    I was not aware of the ’treasure’ that I then discovered! (Topi-Model agency executive)

    After a few days I got a call from the agency. A company was interested in me and how I might look like in person. A car came to pick me up straight away to take me to this certain company. I arrived at a very professional looking studio; I was actually quite pleased with myself as I looked around the place. I was greeted kindly and was asked to sit at a table. They put a sheet of paper in front of me and asked what type of work am I willing to be involved with…lots of unfamiliar words, DP, gang-bang. I did not understand. I politely asked and the answer I received was: „Don’t you know where you are?” –Yes! At a model casting. – „No! You’re at a PORN model casting.”… This is when I was first confronted with the facts. I felt tricked and was furious. I quickly left the place and continued with my day-to-day life…

    „When I first met Aleska, my impressions were that she is a person with a positive aura, a simple but very sexy girl, but a little bit shy- just like many other girls at the start. In general most of them have very bad past experiences with people who have tricked and lied to them! When I told her that this job would not only require conventional modeling, she basically told me to go to hell…” (Topi- Model agency executive)


    The ice breaks…

    Meanwhile, in the back of my head I knew and remembered what the agent had offered me. Lots of money. After 6 months had passed I rang up the agency myself and told them that I would wish to start, but with only solo and girl-girls jobs. This is how it happened. I was in it, I was there, it started – I was in porn!

    „A few months had passed until Aleska called and said that she would like to start work. I quickly shot a few test photos, it was obvious then that she is flexible and that she likes to pose! We agreed that if next time there is a solo job, she will do it. I found her one which I thought would be great for her and I hoped that she will have a positive experience with it and will decide to work for me. A photographer had mentioned that he is looking for a girl who is flexible. She would have to do some gym stretches and he would take some photos and also film it at the same time. The shoot was a great success and the photographer boasted about Aleska’s flexibility and how well the photos turned out!” (Topi-Model agency executive)

    „ I never would have thought that she would end up in this industry, though she always had the looks for it. She is very beautiful, she always was :D ” (Zsófi, childhood friend and neighbor)

    „I never thought she would become a porn actress. Even though we had a friend at college who always said she has the mouth of a pornstar this was the only sign, the only thing that could have led me to predict that my girlfriend will become Aleska Diamond. I still hope though that someday she will be a famous dancer” (Lenke friend and roommate)

    „I didn’t think she will end up in porn..but when I found out I felt scared for her” ( Eperke, schoolmate and friend)

    „I always thought she would become an actress, but not in adult films, no. Life is full of surprises.” (Fecó, childhood friend)

    The beginning for me was not simple at all. For a long time I was not able to find my place in the world, I didn’t really understand what was happening around me… At the shoots I was quiet and I kept to myself as I remember and as others recall.

    „I’m very proud of the fact that she admits to the things she does. In that line of work you have to perform at your maximum and it takes up a lot of energy. I’m sure I would not be able to do the same and I stand by those who do this for a living, especially such an ambitious person like Aleska – it obviously has its results!:D (Zsófi childhood friend and neighbour)

    „I’m sure I would never be a porn actress. Life is hard when someone has a past in porn. At the same time of course I envy her financial independence, the parties, the travelling. But still, I would never” (Lenke friend and roommate).

    „I love to act, but I would never accept a role in a porn film and let’s admit it, to become a porn actor you have to qualify in many aspects.” (Fecó, childhood friend)



    „I took Aleska for a solo shoot which was being shot at a summer house at Balaton for a German company. There were lots of people, the crew, boys and girls…I was a bit afraid that she will be scared off by things there. But quite the opposite happened. The work that she saw there fired her up so much that on the way home she insisted to go for a quick lab test and head for ’deep waters’ – she will have a part with a boy for which I got a really good deal for from the producer. In the scene she worked with one boy but at the end more joined in to cum on her. I don’t usually watch my models in action, but in this case, I was most curious to see whether she’ll be able to loosen up during her scene. It was a success.. Her shyness vanished after a few minutes. She did make this quite clear with her loud moans, she was enjoying it! I watched the crew standing on three legs trying to capture the action, the boys were also looking forward to the end of scene when they can finally take turns in jerking off on this amazing ’sex bomb’. What can I say; my smile was as wide as my face as everyone was boasting about how great she was!” (Topi- Model agency executive)

    After a while, positive things started happening around me, I made friends, I noticed that this industry is actually full of really nice people (opposed what I believed previously)… I started talking to people who had been in this business for awhile; I was beginning to get a clearer picture of the whole thing. I began taking notice of what was happening around me and I wasn’t only there at the shoots physically but I was also there in heart and spirit. I payed attention to the instructions I received, the movements, the sound, the lighting and the partner I was working with. I began forming my characters consciously. Everything changed. I went to the shoots with a smile on my face, I happily talked to my make up colleagues about my previous shoots but most importantly, I felt confident and enjoyed what I was doing.

    „When I met her I already had a very well formed opinion about the girls working in the porn industry. Aleska reinforced me about this and proved that they learn a very strict work schedule during the filmings. They also learned professionalism and respect towards their colleagues. During the photo shoots it became clear that she has great experience with poses and she knows which ones suit her best. I personally hope that we will have many more chances in the future to work together with Aleska.” (Róbert Már stylist)

    I was starting to get used to the schedule of this type of work. The early mornings, waking up and getting ready in time had become a routine. I went to each shoot with a suitcase with all the necessary clothes and accessories for the given work, I learned what type of preparation each type of work needs.

    „During the years Aleska has really improved a lot, she’s become much more confident and much more success oriented! She loves what she does and it’s not only about the money anymore, opposed to most of the other girls.” (Topi-Model agency executive)


    A shoot is usually comprised of many parts, there is the photo shoot, the filming, the comedy and of course all before this comes the makeup, the lighting, the scene setup.. The success of a film or

    a photo set depends on the work of many people. It is important for me to be inspired by the scene, the clothing, the photographer- of course this is true the other way around also. I am chosen for the given scene and for the given role for a reason

    and if I would not be committed to giving it my maximum our work days would surely be much longer, making my colleagues’ work much more difficult.

    „ I took some shots of Aleska for a magazine. It was great working with her. She didn’t complain, she handled to job really well, even while she was oiled up curled up on a chair. Of course since this was not her first time this was what I expected of her” (Norbert Baksa, photographer)


    Work with girls and boys

    My life was so much more colorful and I was really enjoying it, meeting new people from day to day. I work with people from all over the world of all kind of races and genders, discovering someone new is a very exciting thing for me. It is great working with the boys and the girls too but of course that is different thing. We share many funny moments at a shoot and it happens often that I meet with familiar faces from past jobs.

    „A company called that there is some work for me however I was not aware then what was ahead of me. I found myself in the middle of a comedy where Mandy Bright was slapping my face from 5 different camera angles! After all the slaps luckily Aleska was my reward, we finally had a scene together. For me that shoot was all about fun, the filming was such a positive experience! Aleska is a great model and I am very happy that I had a chance to work with her!” (Mr. Clark porn actor)„I first met her in 2009 in Milan at a porn festival; we had a great time partying to together. I’ve come to know Aleska as a person whose kind, helpful, cheerful and friendly.” (Barbie White starting out porn actress).„I only saw photos of Aleska back then but I thought, damn, what a beautiful girl! I was in Portugal just about to start a week of filming and I knew she was going to be there also; we ended up as roommates in the end. I was really anxious to meet her. We did not arrive with the same flight so I first saw her at the venue sitting at a table, playing on her laptop all dressed up and in full make-up. I thought to myself, was she having a shoot already today? When I asked her she told me that this is how she normally looks like, no matter the occasion, always pretty and beautiful. Wow! She really was breath taking! This was my first impression of her and this didn’t really change since then We hit it off pretty well we even had two fabulous scenes together! I’ve been wanting for her to shoot a video for my website however either she doesn’t have the time or I’m out of town. However I have a strong feeling we will make it happen very soon. Her fans and my fans also are waiting for this moment, not mentioning myself as well;) She’s not only beautiful but also a real professional, at the same time kind and polite; she stands with two feet on the ground. Oh, and that round ass of hers!;) ( Sandra Shine porn actress)

    „What’s the real Aleska like?… 2009 Venus awards show and expo – the after party was a bit boring so Aleska and I got up on a table and pretty much set the mood for the night with our improvised erotic dance show. A few minutes and everyone were dancing on the tables. It turned out to be an incredible night…now that’s the real Aleska…” (Laura Giotto porn actor)


    „I’ve had the pleasure of shooting quite a few scenes with Aleska, these are experiences that are very memorable for me for quite a few reasons. It was with her that I got to do a 3D film for the first time and we also shared a funny cat fight video together. Aleska seemed as a tough opponent however the scene ended up being rather pleasurable in the end It was a great experience for me to act with Aleska. She is very professional and acts very naturally in front of the camera, I suspect she really enjoys what she does Personally for me what caught my attention was her flexibility, athletic body and her natural looks. I hope we will get many chances in the future to work together” (Larissa Dee porn actress)

    I get asked often if there is any rivalry in the industry… Now if I was to answer with a “Nooo, of course not” then I would be lying big time. There is rivalry everywhere but it is best to try and avoid it early on before it becomes a bad thing. This is partly how I became good friends with one of my colleagues. We didn’t quite get on well in the start but all that changed. Now we rather help each other instead of playing opponents.

    “In the beginning, when I didn’t know Aleska at all, I thought of her as a rival. I felt she is the type of girl I need to be looking out for, a real competitor. I was even a bit rough on her at the start just so that she would know where her place isthen I flew out to America and after a month I found out she will be coming soon too. I was furious… I told the agency if I end up in the same room as her I will kill her. Then she arrived, the weeks passed and I ended up feeling as though I might even start liking this girl. In the start our friendship was a bit artificial in LA but I tried to help her in every way I could. After a few months back in Hungary we met again. I decided I would like to become her friend, I thought her to be a ‘real friend’ type of a person. I think of her as a friend more and more day after day. About her porn? I think she is awesome!…” (Aletta Ocean porn actress)


    Nothing to be ashamed of…

    I’m sure there are some people who despise me for what I do and for some I stay the person who I was before. But the real question is whether I am happy as I am now?…I am!

    “I could never judge her and what she does; she is my friend in good and bad times alike. If she has success and fame then that makes me just as happy as her. :D ” (Zsófi childhood friend ad neighbor)


    “I don’t judge her. If she loves to do what she does and is happy then in fact people should respect how open she is about it” (Fecó – childhood friend)

    “I adore that girl. Of course these days we don’t see each other too often as she is far away from me but I think of her a lot. Regarding Aleska I have no reason to be judgmental; she is my friend no matter what she does” (Lenke friend and roommate)

    “No, I don’t judge her!” (Eperke, friend and schoolmate)

    “Before I started filming, I despised all girls in this line of work but you never know what surprises life has for you, anyone at anytime can end up in this industry. Now that I am aware of the environment of this business I don’t judge those girls anymore.” (Barbie White ex- porn actress)

    I hope to reach my goals in life, its true I have not chosen the most simple path but at least I’ve made those steps towards them…and I am happy this way.

    “I most strongly believe that Aleska is absolutely in the right place in this industry, she is a Star, who will not be forgotten for a long a time! As a person and as a model she has made a great impression on her fans and on the people she has worked with so far! She is greatly concerned about giving her maximum in all she does and also looks after her fans. She is open for criticism, both good and bad! She is constantly observing and looks out for the things she might need to improve on. I don’t think I know any other model who is so concerned about the details! I personally am very happy that I found her and I am very proud of her!” (Topi-Modell agency executive)

    Hot and cold

    This line of work has its ups and downs. It often happens that I arrive at work with a smile on my face but sometimes I might also pack up and storm out of a place angry. It really is about these extremes, if something is good then I enjoy it if something is bad then it can get really frustrating. I am confronted with different impulses from day to day and at times it is really hard to deal with even the smallest problems, arguments and misunderstandings, just as it is to deal with the good things. Of course I would never say I don’t like my job it’s just that sometimes people don’t always see the hard day of work behind one fully edited and ready scene. Of course it can also be the other way around, that scene can be the result of quite a pleasurable day indeed. It can happen at times that due to some misunderstandings conflicts arise, in these situations only time can help improve these relations. The following happened between one of my boy actor partners and I, he agreed to tell this not so simple story by my request.

    Lauro Giotto- porn actor:

    „When dream becomes reality”

    “It happened around 2 years ago. The location is Budapest in a very luxurious villa. Burning hot sunlight. 38 degrees temperature. No one wants to work in conditions like that, I would have rather chilled in a pool somewhere else but work is work, if they call you for the job you have to do it.

    I step in the house, straight away the people from make-up tell me off for being too loud, they’re filming on the balcony. I look out to see next to the beautiful panoramic view a round ass and a pair of beautiful tits and my friend banging away at the girl. Must be a real hot chick if they’re working her this hard in this hot weather…I smiled to myself as I was sure that either the guy’s power will wear off or he will bust a load soon. The latter happened. After my usual tasks I took a shower, got a test done, I signed some contracts, ID photo and all of a sudden I see that the guy who was pumping away so hard till then is lying on his back and this girl is sucking his cock up after losing some power from the previous action. I turn to the producer: “Who is this girl who’s being such a great helper?” He smiles as he can see as my eyes bulge from their sockets watching this chick trying to get this guy back in action like a real pro. The lucky guy. “Don’t worry, you’ll have your turn too” says the producer. “What are you doing next week? Should I sign you in for a DP?”- Sure!” I replied. “But tell me who is this girl?” –“Aleska Diamond, new chick.”

    With this finally I calmed down, I knew her name, I’m signed for next week, I’ll let them work now I won’t stare at her any longer, soon not only the producer but the crew will start to notice how closely I’m watching the intimate moment.

    Came the big day. Just as hot as last time. We got an incredibly uncomfortable chair as a setting. My first scene with Aleska, it didn’t turn out the way I planned, uncomfortable positions, steaming hot weather, it was not very enjoyable for neither of us.

    The next time was at another villa, also a DP scene. Even hotter conditions then last time, even though the producer was wearing a wet t-shirt as the heat was unbearable…needless to say, this wasn’t the scene of my dreams either.

    I am slowly starting to get used to the fact that whenever I end up working with Aleska I always end up getting her desirable wet pussy in the most unbearable conditions.

    Third job, in a jacuzzi. Hot water, slippery
    surfaces and high humidity.. Both of us are having a hard time but were just laughing at how unlucky we are with each other. Of course even if the conditions are not right, we manage, we are professionals but it’s just not the same as when 2 people get hooked on each other and the producer forgets to let you know that the memory card is already full, he doesn’t even know what to cut from the footage. He’ll let the editor decide.

    Fourth scene together…No dear blog readers, it is not hot this time. We’re at the garage of a villa. It’s winter, damn cold weather, DP. It’s so cold that while were fucking Aleska and pull out for a while our cocks are steaming. In the breaks we’re keeping close together

    to try and keep warm.

    Well guys, for you who are reading this blog I might not have approached Aleska from the right side…I didn’t write about what a massive fucking we had and the orgasms which I will never forget, but rather the truth.

    There are some shoots here where the dick just won’t stand up, when the only way to complete one scene is with many cuts…this is porn too. The uncomfortable positions, the hot and cold that we have to deal with while we try and make a scene for you to jerk your cocks to…no reason to get upset…I jack off to porn too! So you people, just like me, don’t notice and are not aware of any of the above while you’re watching a scene…that’s professionalism. Aleska is a chick who went from a starter to a professional in 1 year, she grew herself out and after throwing out her own manager started handling her own career by herself… She is clean, well groomed who looks after her body because she knows that’s the path that will lead her to stardom…She is a real American Idol…I am asking you dear readers please tell her…She is already an American Idol, a Star…Aleska’s dream is starting to become reality…with your help..because us actors and actresses we could not be who we are without you…we thank you all.”


    Aleska Ps: and the camera keeps rolling….