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  • We play…

    We play…

    Here is 5 secret about Aleska, but one is false. Do you know which one is it? The game lasts a week.  If you figure out, I published, my new exclusive photo set. Which also, you decided what you do you want to see.  ...
  • The Next Exclusive Photo Set

    The Next Exclusive Photo Set

    I ask you, what do you want for the next exscluzive photo set?        
  • When Im Working Album, your best photos

    When Im Working Album, your best photos

    “Albums of my favorite photo collections that could be interesting for you. Take a look!” Look, what’s your favorite picture. The first five image i tell about some  stories for you!          
  • Just beginning now….

    Just beginning now….

    ‎I think for my job it is not the end, just beginning now!!!! “I have decicted to do it, my intention is to do it…..Thank you very much to all my friends and fans. Thank you that you were with...
  • Ques


    You know everything about Aleska Diamond? Let’s see, what questions do you know the answers… the quest ends: December 24. 00:00

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