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  • Eros Show in Bucharest

    Eros Show in Bucharest

    I was in Bucharest, let’s see how is it!      
  • Purple Feeling

    Purple Feeling

    This is a new photo shoot i guess so sexy photos, i hope you think the same…          
  • How I Look Like for 2013

    How I Look Like for 2013

    Here I’m! Now we can start the new year! Happy new year for you! Are you like it my new look?       photo by: hair, make up, styling: Aleska D.
  • Seductive


    “Only you can create your own happiness. Even if you think someone else can, they can’t. Even if it is hard to get up, do it anyway.”
  • Angel


    Angelic exclusive pictures. Hang in there with me and check it out!  
  • Simple


    Exclusive, free and sexy photos for you on my Official Blog! Enjoy It!
  • Quotes from Aleska

    Quotes from Aleska

          Happiness looks too small when you hold it in your hands, just let it go once, and you realize how precious it was.       It’s just life. Just live it.      If you stop...
  • Artist’s Body

    Artist’s Body

    I would like to come up with new exclusive images for you, and the Ballet Dance series was very popular, so i think, i do something similar, but something different, so it is completed the art’s body.      ...
  • Naked Ballet Practice/Best pic

    Naked Ballet Practice/Best pic

    “I think classical ballet dancers dance on pointe because they’re simultaneously touching the earth and reaching up to the skies”   A ballet dancer is very enthusiastic and practices whenever she can. Expressing her emotions through dance and communicating with...
  • Sensual


    I offer for you, some sensual, exclusive photo about me. Pleasant time for you!      

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